America de Cali vs Paranaense

Copa Sudamericana
Asian Handicap
Pick: Paranaense -0.25
Odds: 1.967
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/07/2021

Huge problems in America de Cali

Due to a lawsuit from a former player, America de Cali will not be able to count on its 8 incorporations and neither with Lucumi and Sierra

Let's remember that he already lost his scorer Duvan Vergara

Clearly several were going to be headlines today

And above all, he will not play in his stadium, he will have to move to Pereira

Paranaense arrives at a great moment

He is in fifth place of the Brazilian and with chances of reaching second place if he wins his pending match

In addition, another key piece of information between the two is that Paranaense arrives more smoothly, he has been playing week after week.

America de Cali had its last official meeting on May 25, they will arrive very hard at this match

I do not have to clarify that the differences in international tournaments in these editions between the Brazilian and Colombian teams are very large

All the advantage for the Brazilian team that will be totally neutral.

There is also no height effect in Pereira

WIN Score: 0:1 Profit: +0.97
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