Always Ready - Palmaflor

Asian Handicap
Pick: home -1.75
Odds: 1.83
Stake: 1

Match date: 11/07/2021

Had this match been played according to the calendar or in the month of March it would certainly have ended differently since the reigning champions played two games a week given the commitment in the Libertadores Cup, but played in July everything changes since the games in Libertadores are now done and the reigning champions after having lost several points just to give priority to the cup from tonight onwards must begin to recover positions in the standings since this tournament, unlike in past years, has the Italian formula or after thirty days will designate the sample. Always Ready that last championship surprisingly won the championship and thanks to this it has strengthened a lot and today's opponent Atletico Palmaflor are clearly within their reach and is a team whose goal remains salvation given that they have been promoted two past seasons. In this championship the home factor affects a lot as there are teams playing at high ground and others at sea level and despite the fact that the guests play at high ground (2650 meters) tonight at the 4150 meters of El Alto they will have very little hope of going out undefeated. I think given the technical difference between the two teams that the reigning champions will win this match with different goals.

LOST Score: 3:2 Profit: -1
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