Altay v Keciorengucu

Asian Handicap
Pick: Altay -0.5
Odds: 2.13
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/02/2021

After 3 consecutive defeats, Altay managed to earn 3 points on away from poor Eskisehirspor with a big result of 0-5. Like in previous years Paixao keeps hitting the nets this season again with 14 goals and seems like he will be the goal king of the season again. Interesting note is that Paixao is one of the most 4 scoring players in the history of Altay club. So I can simply say that in this league Altay have got the most important striker. Important development in the club is that Yucel Ildiz left and the new head coach is now Osman Ozkoylu who has got more than enough experience for such clubs who target to promote to Super Lig. I don’t want to write novel about him but I can mention that in his record there are 167 wins out of 371 matches that he shown up as coach (105 draw 99 lost). Now no doubt that there will be some reaction in his first official match against Kecioren who are coming with some important absents. I must emphasize here that Altay in next match will travel to Adana to play against Adana Demirspor who are one of the strongest team of the league so they will definitely be more motivated to win this one. Altay have got strong offense line. With 36 goals they are the second most scoring team of this league and the top scorer Paixao is in their team. It is hard to believe that they can not hit the nets of Kecioren tonight. And one last note is that in winter break they signed some players from Super Lig and reinforced their strong squad even more (Yekta Kurtulus, Marcio Mossoro, Adam Stachowiak, Andre Poko etc…)

Kecioren this season could only defeat Adana Demirspor (at home) -from those teams who are above from them in league table-. I can say that expect this win they do not have no flash victory so far this season. And now they are on away against one of the most scoring team who are going to play first time with their new head coach. Bad news for Kecioren is that there are 3 regulars are absent. Important players, defender Abdulkadir Korkut (2 assists 1864), forward Baris Alper Yilmaz (2 goals 1 assist 1320) and midfielder Burak Aydin (3 goals 1316) will be absent for this match. Regarding Kecioren I must remind here that they promoted last season and they are the only team who play on artificial pitch and IMO their success mostly comes from this advantage. They collected 12 points on away and and this away performance of them can hardly be accepted as good. And they are also third worst team in hitting the nets on away as they produced 9 goals which is a better performance after 2 teams who could score 7 goals on away. And these teams are Balikesirspor who are just above the dangerous zone and poorest team Eskisehirspor who are at the bottom of the table. So I can confidently mention here that Kecioren are not a very good away team especially in producing goals. What makes them special on away is that they kept their goal with conceding only 9 goals but now they are on away against a team who are offensively one of the most dangerous.

In the first half the season Altay started a good run right after defeating Eskisehir at home and now I am thinking that -with all facts I mentioned above- this will repeat again. No doubt that their head coach Osman Ozkoylu knows the dynamics of this league and he has got a very large squad in his hand. I can not imagine that they can not hit the nets of Kecioren tonight. Kecioren with absent list and bad away scoring performance are going to have a very difficult task. I think it is a challenge for the players to play one week on artificial and other week on normal pitch. I am sure from top to bottom everyone in club are aware of the importance of this clash before difficult away match against Adana Demirspor. All the conditions seems on behalf of them. We have value here.

LOST Score: 0:4 Profit: -1
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    haniserkan 13/02/2021 16:09:03
    On Kecioren side I was mistaken with Baris Alper Yilmaz as I thought he was going to join to U21 today but I guess he will after this match. Sorry for the mistake. Other 2 absents are correct and they are also regulars.

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