Alloa - Bonnyrigg

Asian Handicap
Pick: Bonnyrigg +1
Odds: 1.7
Stake: 1

Match date: 27/11/2021

FA Cup

Bonnyrigg Rose are running away with the Lowland League at the moment. Out of 20 matches they have only dropped 8 points and are currently on a long winning run. Usually when a team dominates the Lowland/Highland League they are playing at a League One level. We saw this is previous seasons with Cove, who went straight up to League One after promotion to League Two. Kelty Hearts are doing the same at the moment. If Bonnyrigg do end up in League Two, they may do the same. 

Alloa are League One and have had an average season. I don’t see them as too big favourites against Bonnyrigg, especially when they have players with League One experience. 

Even if Alloa win, this could be a close encounter and I wouldn’t expect them to run away with it. 

LOST Score: 5:0 Profit: -1
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