Aldosivi vs Boca

Asian Handicap
Pick: Boca -0.50
Odds: 1.751
Stake: 1

Match date: 08/11/2021

He puts the best, pardon the Colombian Villa and he has already shown that by level he must be a starter, he puts Cardona and continues to bet on the youthful Vazquez who continues to pay with goals.

Boca returns to put the chip of the league, because although the championship is far away, it has to add to the general table, it is not yet in the Copa Libertadores zone

The rival is one of the poorest in the Argentine league despite having been adding

The last game against Central Cordoba played a role, except for the goalkeeper who had a resounding performance, but he must have not only lost but also been thrashed

In the other parties as Independiente he also took more than his share

Due to the difference in teams and seeing that the localia in Mar del Plata will be even (I hope a lot of neutral Boca fans), Xeneixe should take the victory

WIN Score: 0:3 Profit: +0.75
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