AlbinoLeffe - Alessandria

Asian Handicap
Pick: away 0
Odds: 2.06
Stake: 1

Match date: 06/06/2021

The first play-off final for promotion to Serie B first leg is held today. Albinoleffe revelation of these play-offs where starting from the first round they eliminated Grosseto-Modena and Catanzaro and despite the only match victory against Grosseto in the other two games played at home he lost with Modena and drew against Catanzaro but won both games played away from home. Alessandria only entered the semifinals given the second place obtained in the championship and despite losing the first semifinal played away from home they won at home and reached the final. These two teams know each other very well as they were part of the same group. I think that the Alexandria squad is much stronger than that of the hosts but I also think that if today Alexandria does not score points in this match then in the second leg it is not obvious that they can overturn since they are a team. who play a throw-in and behind concede very little, so I believe that today's result is essential for promotion to Serie B.

WIN Score: 1:2 Profit: +1.06
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