Alajuelense- Cibao

CONCACAF Champions League
Under / Over
Pick: over 3.25
Odds: 2.56
Stake: 1

Match date: 22/10/2020
Ld Alajuelense is hosting Cibao from Dominican Republic ,this match got my atention,for home team plays famous Bryan Ruiz,Johnatan Moya,its diference in class,this is one game match,winner of this matc is playing against San Francisco,Ld Alajuelense has 6 win in a row,and this should be an easy training for them,i used to bet live on this kind of matches,cause when is team better there,s almost every min chance ,1/16 final is still like pre qualification for this kind of Champions League,i have read that Bryan Ruiz come back in this team after 15 years,it sounds like litlle project,for me 4-0result minimum."
VOID Score: postponed Profit: 0
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  • 1
    Pueblo unido 22/10/2020 23:01:17
    Somwhere is matchdate 23 October,but is on 22 on 23 october.
  • 2
    Mladen 22/10/2020 23:02:48
    Yea bro,its 22 or 23 same thing its oo:oo start.Cheers.