Al-Fateh - Al-Hilal

Saudi Arabia
Asian Handicap
Pick: Al-Hilal -0.75
Odds: 1.85
Stake: 1

Match date: 28/02/2021

Last call for the reigning champions after the midweek round defeat with Al Nassr's long-time rivals in a very nervous match. It must be said that the Saudi Professional championship is a very balanced and difficult championship compared to the championships of the neighboring nations of the Emirates and Qatar, and in addition it is a much longer championship. The gap in the standings is starting to get worrying because recovering five points at this Al Shabab will not be easy at all, but at the end of the tournament there are still ten games and everything is possible but it is clear that another misstep of the champions seriously compromises the run-up. , it must also be said that Al Shabab today will play before these and a new eventual victory of these will put even more pressure on the team. There are no disqualified players in either team.

WIN Score: 2:5 Profit: +0.85
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