Ajax Amsterdam - SC Paderborn

Club Friendly
Asian Handicap
Pick: away +1
Odds: 2.66
Stake: 1

Match date: 10/07/2021

Ajax today disputes two friendlies and will probably make all the players play by dividing them into the two games, the Dutch have so far only met amateur teams in the two friendlies played so far so I assume that they are still late in preparation compared to the Germans of PADEBORN who in the last friendly disputed they played with the same category of 'Hannover. Ajax's share would be real if the Dutch were in condition but they are not so without fear I support the German team despite playing in Bundesliga 2. It will certainly also be a match where there will be many goals but given the form of the two and the odds I am convinced on Padeborn +1 at a very high altitude and I am also convinced that they will not lose the game but in my opinion they could even win it.

LOST Score: 4:1 Profit: -1
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