Aguilas doradas vs alianza petrolera

Asian Handicap
Pick: Alianza Pet +0.50
Odds: 1.763
Stake: 1

Match date: 08/10/2021

I trust again in the team that is making a revolution in the Colombian tournament if we take into account the last season where he finished last

Today it is in fifth place leaving behind several important teams such as Deportivo Cali or America de Cali

It is a team that is finding it difficult for rivals to beat

By league he only lost against two big rivals such as Atl.Nacional and Dep Cali

Surprise was that of envigado, then in the rest of the 12 dates I always add

I told it a few months ago, the Alianza team bet on a good coach like Bodhert, he armed himself with a team of players who had their good time and now as a team they are performing very well

He has already added in difficult places such as in the height of Bogota against Santa Fe or in the height of Manizales

Now he will have as his rival the Aguilas Rionegro, who come from a weak campaign, in the lower positions and in the tournament they have many defeats

I do not see the location of Rionegro in Antioquia as an inaccessible place, for that very reason I see a lot of value in the double opportunity of a team that arrives better as Alianza Petrolera

LOST Score: 1:0 Profit: -1
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