Agropecuario vs Tigre

Asian Handicap
Pick: Tigre HA 0.0
Odds: 1.77
Stake: 1

Match date: 26/04/2021 
Tigre without casualties and in a great moment, has 5 consecutive wins that are taking him to the top of his zone Agropecuario does not lose much but neither does he win and had no weight rivals Maybe one was Mendoza Gymnastics on the first date and lost Tigre only lost against Belgrano who is one of the candidates to be promoted
Tigre armed himself well, he has a great team like Magnin as the team's top scorer, also a player with a past in the first division like Menossi, former San Lorenzo Metilli is another who did very well in the surprising Estudiantes de Caseros from the last tournament
We covered ourselves with the tie, for what I said, Agropecuario has not been losing, but even so, a great quota for the Victoria team taking moment and quality of the team of both

VOID Score: 0:0 Profit: 0
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    Nestor 26/04/2021 21:08:28
    AsianBesTrader: strange only IBC value

    Its not. Penta88 was similar but i dont have this bookie here