Aalst W - Charleroi W

Asian Handicap
Pick: Charleroi W +2.25
Odds: 2
Stake: 1

Match date: 24/04/2021

This bet is based on the problems of Aalst, they have a very small squad and in their recent 2 games, they only had 2 en 3 players on the bench. For this game are Van Ackere and De Kegel both out with a knee injury Van Mingeroet and Van Mullem are doubtful but I expect they will play but I don’t think they are fully ready for this game. Andries and Van Gils started again to train. The preparation fort his team is not optimal and I can’t see them beating Charleroi with big numbers.

Charleroi won last week against Woluwe and this win will give them a good boost. They played very organised and they nearly didn’t give anything away. This win will give them a boost. Last head to head game they lost with 6-0 but this was just after the period they had some covid cases.

With the absentees of Aalst and the confidence boost of Charleroi, I expect a close game here. I go for Charleroi +2.25. Fair line should be around +1.5. My prediction is 1-0.

HALF WIN Score: 2:0 Profit: +0.5
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  • 2
    CK 24/04/2021 14:23:56
    No Asian market as well 
  • 3
    Yippee 24/04/2021 14:30:21
    CK: No Asian market as well 

     Game is available on pinnacle but the line already moved to +1,5

    AsianBesTrader: man this crazily low <100eur limit...

    You have to check your local bookmakers, I have different bookmakers that have this game with better limits than pinnacle. If you want to stake higher, you can bet on different bookmakers.
  • 4
    Yippee 24/04/2021 17:52:35
    Half win here but it must be a full win. First goal came in minute 67 from a far freekick given my the goalkeeper of Aalst and surprised the goalkeeper of Charleroi. Aalst had problems to find a clear shot so far. Defence of Charleroi was good ornganised. After first goal, Charleroi need to take risks and there was to much spacing in their defence. Finally Aalst scored a second goal.