12 de Octubre vs Cerro Porteno

Asian Handicap
Pick: Cerro -1
Odds: 1.943
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/03/2021
Luxury opportunity for Cerro porte?o to continue recovering It did not come well but it comes from thrashing River 3-0 making it clear that they are in the race, with Mauro Boselli increasingly entrenched in the task of scorer Although Enzo Gimenez and Arzamendia have been discharged, he is still in the infirmary, the rest of the team is complete https://twitter.com/CerroTw/status/1370530485949100032?s=20 The interesting thing is on the side of October 12, a humble team that is in the last positions but that has the historic opportunity to classify the groups of the South American which would give them an economic income like they never saw. That is why Sarabia would make 7 changes and summarize C. Benitez as a starter today injured We are talking about what would save: A.Nu?ez, M.Cardozo, P.Da Silva, V.Caceres, C.Benitez, David Mendienta, F. Manenti and V.Barrios https://twitter.com/TigoSportsPY/status/1370517832082071552?s=20 In the video they mention exactly the initial 11 with those changes So with such a diminished squad, you have to take advantage of the fact that Cerro will surely win the victory because they have more squad at their disposal and obviously because it is one of the largest in Paraguay with better quality

WIN Score: 0:2 Profit: +0.94
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