Palermo vs. Catania

Under / Over
Pick: Over 2
Odds: 1.81
Stake: 1

Match date: 09/11/2020
Palermo vs. Catania is Sicilian derby and its unbelivble that both of them are in seria C,Palermo is most famous team from Sicily,and a lot of good players played for Palermo,Micoli,Dybala,amazing atmosphere on stadium,but all that is past now.and we have to look reality,both teams are in bad position Catania on 12,Palermo on 19th place,thats realy bad,we can call this match el classico for Sicily and a lot of people will be interested in this match,this is most important game for both teams,Palermo in this situation must attcak especialy against Catania,Palermo only scores 2 goals till this game,thats good for my opinion,that will be an open match with goals..cheers."
VOID Score: 1:1 Profit: 0
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