Luxembourg - Serbia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Serbia -1 AH
Odds: 1.74
Stake: 1

Match date: 09/10/2021

Serbia have clear road to the top place on table in group A. They need to win all games till the game against Portugal and than in direct fight to decide the top place. They suffer a late own goal against Republic of Ireland for 1-1 draw in Dublin what was really undeserved result as Serbia was class better opponent in that one. But one big school for this team. No big absents for this game. All major players like Tadic, Mitrovic, Vlahovic are ready to play.

On the other hand, Luxembourg lost all chances to be in top two in this group. Still, this team improve very much, and they are better and better from qualifications to qualifications. Game in Belgrade was very interesting and Serbia won 4-1 but at one moment it was just 2-1 and Serbia manage to made many chances for goal and at the end win big.

No reason not to be the same tomorrow. I expect very serious approach from Serbia team and not to let again such a late goal to ruin their chances. So two goal difference is what I expect here at least. So I will pick Serbia -1AH just to be careful.

Good luck !

VOID Score: 0:1 Profit: 0
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