Tenerife vs Gijon LOST 1:0

PICK: Gijon +0 2.09 Pinnacle

Tenerife vs Gijon (Spain LaLiga 2)

Tenerife sits in the middle of the table and has no imperative of result anymore since they secured survival and they have no chance for playoffs. Midfielders Sanz(26/1) Longo(24/12) and Tyrone(22/0) will miss the game. Gijon needs to win and try to reach direct play-offs, they have better h2h stats than Huesca, so need to cover 4 points gap in the remaining 3 games. Gijon lost previous two matches vs. two motivated teams (Zaragoza and Barcelona B) but the team was unlucky to lose, especially in the previous home game vs. Barcelona B (1:2). Today they will have a full squad and less motivated opponent. Coach is suspended for Gijon, players admitted they will give maximum for the coach and fans and get out of this situation and win the remaining games and qualify directly to the La Liga 1. In addition, Gijon won the previous mutual match in this season (December 2017) 3:0 on home turf.


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