R.Oviedo vs Malaga VOID 0:0

PICK: Malaga +0 2.07 SBOBET

R.Oviedo vs Malaga (Spain La Liga2) 

Oviedo lost previous two games and had shown very little recently. Defenders Mossa(18/2), Forlin(11/0), Martinez(4/0), attackers Ibra(14/3), Berjon(13/3) are all out. On contrary, Malaga improved recently, won vs Mallorca on islands and vs Cadiz at home. The team is considered as one of the main promotion candidates and the team looks well at the moment, there is a good hegemony inside the team right now and there is no squad problems: Ndiaye(15/2) is the only miss for visitors. Coach of the home team is under the big pressure and this might be one of his last games for Oviedo. 


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