PAID PICK: Varazdin vs Istra 1961 WIN 1:0

19/10/2019   11:35
PICK: Varazdin +0 2.27 Pinnacle

Varazdin vs Istra 1961 (Croatia HNL 1)

The home team has a new, well experienced manager who is brought to help Varazdin escape relegation. This will be his first game, he had 10 days for preparation. Defender Senic(8/0 suspended), midfielder Bajandooh(5/0) and attacker Turcin(4/0) will miss this game for the home team. On a positive note, several players are returning to the lineup: defender Stolnik(9/1), Sambolec(4/0), midfielders Durasek(10/1), Kolaric(8/1) and key player, attacker Benko(9/2). Istra had a good start and the young coach Prelec has nice ideas but it's still hard to say that Istra is looking good nowadays. Better than in last season but it's still at a pretty much same level, and their away results are worrying: single win on the road in the previous 17 leagues. Away coach will miss his most important defender Grujevic(11/0 suspended), midfielder Munivrana(7/0) and attacker Fuentes(8/0). Midfielder Galilea(9/0) is returning back to starting 11 after one game pause. Two teams met 8 times since 2010 and away team never won in this period.


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