PAID PICK: Tenerife vs Cadiz VOID 1:1

17/11/2019   11:55
PICK: Cadiz +0 1.89 Pinnacle

Tenerife vs Cadiz (Spain La Liga 2)

Coach of the home team is under the pressure and if he loses the game he might lose his job, according to the local sources. Tenerife is flirting with the relegation zone (3-5-7 record) and is winless for the previous 7 league games. What makes it even worse is the fact that Tenerife couldn't score in the last three games. The most expensive and best player, midfielder Milla(12/1) is set to miss the game. That's not all since another important midfielder is set to miss due to suspension: Sanz(11/0). Defenders Sipcic(9/0) and Perez(12/0), together with attacker Malbasic(13/4) are all rated as doubtful for hosts and they could appear unfit. Cadiz arrives as the absolute leader of La Liga 2, with 7 points advantage to their closest rivals on standings. Without squad changes compared to the previous game: defenders Cala(10/0), midfielders Bodiger(6/0), Ramos(4/0) and attacker Perea(12/3) are set to miss once again for Cadiz. Visitors are looking unstoppable with 6 wins in the previous 8 games and are ready to make their Christmas holidays more comfortable with the quality stock of points.


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