PAID PICK: Odd vs Haugesund WIN 3:1

23/06/2019   12:35
PICK: Odd -0.50 1.84 SBOBET

Odd vs Haugesund (Norway Elitteserien)

Odd is second placed team of Elitteserien, but Odd has three games less than leading team Molde who won yesterday their away game. Even if they had no title ambitions prior to the league start, the people in Odd's board are thinking differently now. A brilliant home record of 5 wins in 5 games is allowing fans to dream about the top position. Midfielder Sodlund(3/0) is returning to the squad for hosts. Haugesund is eight placed team, and the team is having internal problems as their most important player, attacker Wadji(10/4) was found positive on doping test and he is not allowed to help his team today. Another key player, defender Stolas(11/3) is injured and will miss the game. Attacker Kone(4/1) is a doubt for Haugesund. Worth to mention, Odd is playing on artificial turf while Haugesund uses natural grass at home field. In midweek cup games both teams used most of the regulars, Odd had a bit harder task as they had to win after penalty series but their equalizer in 90' minute boosted the team and gave another dose of self-confidence.


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