PAID PICK: Menemen vs Eskishehirspor LOST 3:1

15/02/2020   12:05
PICK: Eskishehirspor +0.50 2.03 ISN

Menemen vs Eskishehirspor (Turkey 1.Lig)

The home team is winless in the new year, they recorded three losses in the previous four games. Menemen had good results in the first part of the season but the board has no ambition promotions and it's one of the reasons for the worsened performances of the team. A few unnamed regular players are doubtfull for hosts before the game. Eskisheirspor have a fantastic moment following three wins in the four games in 2020. Visitors have been affected in the start of the season with -9 points by FA (finances) but the team is still in the race for survival. They were a bottom-placed team before the new coach arrived, but he created a good harmony amongst the players and it helped the team to climb up the table. The determined squad is announcing three points against Menemen. 


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