PAID PICK: Liefering vs Juniors FC LOST 0:4

01/11/2019   11:7
PICK: Liefering -0.5 1.85 SBOBET

Liefering vs Juniors FC (Austria 2. Liga)

The squad difference between the teams is big but with the absences in the away roster, the gap is even bigger: defender Celic(4/0), Smolinski(6/0), midfielder Aigner(8/4), attackers Reyes(10/4) and Meister(9/4) are set to miss the game for Juniors, top-three team's scorers, and total 8 assists creators. That's a huge blow and the team will be way different compared to the "usual starting 11 lineup", with at least 5 changes. Hosts will have defender Ludewig(8/0) back in the team after his suspension. Three of four remaining games Liefering will play at home (before the winter break comes) and the whole focus is set on climbing the table after three winless matches. The task should not be impossible since Liefering won both games over Juniors in the previous season, 5:1 and 0-3


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