PAID PICK: Emmen vs Groningen LOST 1:0

15/05/2019   10:15
PICK: Groningen -0.75 1.98 SBOBET

Emmen vs Groningen (Netherlands Eredivisie)

Emmen achieved a mission they have set before the season's start. Relegation is avoided, and the players have celebrated in recent days, several players have missed training practice due to the hangover, while coach "closed his eye" on this problem and decided to forgive his guys this "sin". There is a big possibility that Emmen's coach rotates his squad and allow players with fewer appearances to show up in front of the local fans. Also, a lot of current Emmen players are ex Groningen players, even the current manager was a part of Groningen, with this in regard there is no rivalry between the teams. Defender Klok(17/0), Neidhardt(5/0), midfielder Marinus(11/0), Niemeijer(18/2) and attackers Jansen(29/5) are out of selection today. Groningen still has an unfinished job. They have to win to save their current 8. position that leads in Europa League playoffs.


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