PAID PICK: Dunfermline vs Dundee FC VOID 2:2

02/08/2019   11:45
PICK: Dundee FC +0 1.92 Pinnacle

Dunfermline vs Dundee FC (Scotland Championship)

Dunfermline ended as the seventh-placed team in Championship the last season, but they will be lucky if they manage to achieve the same "success" in this campaign. The budget is reduced, the club released 13 regular players from the previous season, while the new signings are nowhere on the same level of the players which left. Those are mainly young, under 21 players from the lower leagues and it seems Dunfermline is going to risk the status in Championship this year. Dundee FC is relegated from top Scottish tier and is together with another Dundee (UTD) first candidate to win the league title. They had a strong transfer window and the team have enough quality to cover the expectations. Last 4 games they have recorded clean sheets in League Cup matches.


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