PAID PICK: Dover vs Hartlepool HALF LOST 1:1

11/01/2020   12:15
PICK: Dover -0.25 2.12 IBC

Dover vs Hartlepool (England National)

Two middle table teams with the same point tally of 39. The difference here is in the number of games since Dover has 3 games less than their opponents today. Both teams are facing absences of important players, but for Hartlepool, it's a way tougher situation: There are six absences in total for visitors: defenders Fraser Kerr (23/0), Michael Raynes (28/0), midfielder Josh Hawkes (12/1), attackers Luke Williams (3/0), injured Luke James (20/2) and topscorer Gime Toure (26/11 suspended). This makes Pools struggling on the trip to Crabble. In the previous two mutual games, Dover made two victories (2017-2018) over today's opponents.


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