PAID PICK: Cheltenham vs West Ham U21 WIN 4:3

08/10/2019   14:20
PICK: Cheltenham -0.25 1.82 Pinnacle

Cheltenham vs West Ham U21 (England EFL Trophy)

Cheltenham have started this season very well, after failing to reach promotion playoffs last season with just one point behind. With most of their games played away, they are happy to be returning to home stadium action. They are without a loss in the last 6 games (4-2-0) and in last two draws (1:1) they were the better team and felt they could have gotten more. The good news is that weekend league match vs. Newport is postponed due to international games so they can fully focus on the EFL cup game. West Ham U21 have surprised Newport in the last EFL game (4:5) and this will be a warning enough for the home team. Still, without a bigger rotation home team has enough quality to win over mistake-prone West Ham youngsters.


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