Oriente Petrolero vs U. de Deportes WIN 2:0

PICK: Oriente -0.5 1.8 Pinnacle

Oriente Petrolero vs U. de Deportes (Copa Libertadores)

Oriente is coming from a pre-season and they had one friendly game so far against lower side Royal Pari. They are boosted in this transfer window with Costarician goalkeeper Alejandro Gomez and Argentinian midfielder Paulo Rosales, who is expected to be the key player. On the other side, Peruvian team had arrived in Bolivia with a lot of problems, several important players left the club and they cannot sign any new players due to a penalty from FA because of unpaid taxes. Players who left the club: goalkeeper Caceda(40/0), defender Rodriguez(22/1), midfielders Gomez(32/11), Quintero(29/13), attackers Tejada(37/18). Defenders Galliquio(14/1), Estrada(13/0), Aguirre(5/0), midfielders Guastavino(24/2), Manicero(14/0), Mendoza(9/0), Tito(6/0), attackers Rengifo(20/2) and Ugarriza(8/0) are all unavailable.


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