Melilla vs Merida (Spain Segunda B Group IV) LOST 0:1

PICK: Melilla -0.75 1.93 Pinnacle

Melilla is unbeaten at home in 7 matches, winning 5 of them. They have not lost to Merida in last 6 Mutual games and have won 5 out of them, all with at least 2 goals difference. They have a full squad for this match. Merida is without a win away in 7 games. In addition they have problems with squad, they will be missing midfielders Hens(1/0), Chema(8/0), Mato(8/0), Bernal(12/2), Julio Dios(13/0) and attacker Hugo Diaz(14/3). Second option striker Javi Gomez(12/3) is coming after injury so his fitness is questionable. 


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