Klubi 04. vs JJK VOID 2:2

PICK: Klubi 04 +0 1.97 Pinnacle

Klubi 04. vs JJK (Finland Ykkonen) 

Klubi 04 is the last team in the division and needs to start winning if they plan to survive in the Ykkonen. Since hosts are the reserve team of best Finish team, HJK, some of the players have been moved from HJK to Klubi 04: midfielder Vertainen(14/2), Banza(4/0) and Vesaiho(10/0) and will play in the rest of the season and try to help Klubi 04 to survive in the league. JJK is just a place above hosts and is also fighting for survival, so this is the ideal chance for the home team to close the gap with JJK. 


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