Ibiza vs San Fernando LOST 1:1

PICK: Ibiza -0.5 2.06 Pinnacle

Ibiza vs San Fernando (Spain Segunda B Group IV)

Ibiza decided to sign new coach after two consecutive 0:0 games. The ambition of the board is to play in second tier of Spanish football soon, there is enough financial resources for such achievement but Ibiza needs to win most of their upcoming games to reach playoff places. No squad problems for the coach before the match. Ibiza is typical home team from the island, producing best games on their small dimensions pitch with artificial grass. San Fernando reached a maximum of expectations, made great row of 4 wins in last 5 games. But, 3 of 4 wins were at home, while San Fernando doesn’t show same attitude in their away games. They lost 3 of previous 5 games on the road. A couple of important players is out as well: defender Cavilla(12/1), midfielder Carri(26/5) and attacker Franch(26/5) are fresh missings while captain and midfielder Rios(14/5) is a longterm miss for visitors.


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