FREE PICK: Zamora vs Atletico-MG LOST 1:2

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Zamora vs Atletico-MG (Copa Libertadores)

It's the last game of the Copa Libertadores group stage. Zamora and Atletico are equal by points and by the record (1-0-4), but Zamora got better goal difference. With one point in tonight's game, the Venezuelan team will reach the next stage of another reputable South American competition, Copa Sudamericana. Atletico-MG has no much of interest in the second to the best competition as they have ambition in the domestic league, Serie A of Brazil. Coach announced alternative team for this visit, a couple of regulars didn't travel to Venezuela: goalkeeper Victor(3/0), defender Guga(3/0), midfielder Elias(3/1), attackers R.Oliveira(3/1), Chara(3/1) and Geuvanio(3/0).


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