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Vorskla vs Dnipro-1 (Ukraine Premier League)

Vorskla (1-0-2) is looking healthy after a couple of tough seasons. Club board did well in summer 2019 with filtering the squad and adding quality youngsters on the bench. Coach Kosovkskyi got the board's trust and full contract after being only a caretaker manager, the wish of the Vorskla management is to start the new season with a healthy background. The first win came just on the third matchday of Ukraine Premier League, after a slumpy start. Despite getting 2 defeats in opening rounds, the team actually outplayed opponents on both occasions. Spirit is flying high at Vorskla after the recent game, with the new midfielder Luizao presenting impressive debut. Dnipro-1 (1-1-1), as the newly promoted team, have no high ambitions, they are rather looking to avoid relegation. After opening win at home, they showed little. The half of the lineup is playing for the first season in the top Ukraine tier. After an inspiring start in the new league, youngsters could fold under the more experienced sides. Hosts are one of such sides.


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