FREE PICK: Czech Republic vs Montenegro WIN 3:0

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Czech Republic vs Montenegro (Euro 2020 Qualifiers)

The home team has started with a loss into this qualifiers, but it was the loss against favourites England. Just a few days ago, Czech triumphed against Bulgaria and raised the expectation of the nation. The moral is just great in the squad, and it looks like a promising Czech generation. The players are enjoying playing in Olomouc as the stands are full and are producing a spectacular atmosphere in which players are pushed to the maximum. On the contrary, Montenegro arrives in the worst possible environment as the situation got critical after the game against Kosovo (1:1). Playing in front of the empty stands was not the only obstruction. Coach Tumbakovic and two players (defender Stojkovic15/0 and midfielder Ivanic15/1) refused to feature against Kosovo due to political and moral reasons - the result was terrible for the coach, players and the national team of Montenegro as players are suspended now, the coach is sacked and National team did not win. Obviously, the moral for visitors when travelling to the Czech Republic couldn't be worse.


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