FREE PICK: Bravo vs Domzale LOST 0:0

PICK: Domzale -0.5 2.1 Pinnacle

Bravo vs Domzale (Slovenia Prva Liga)

Bravo is the newly promoted team and a clear relegation favourite in this season. The team will miss a couple of players, considered as the most important: goalkeeper Gril(4/0), defender Spanring(0/0), midfielders Agboyi(5/0 suspended) and Krcic(2/0) are all unavailable. For such a modest team it's a huge blow. Domzale arrives with minds on three points only. The team is now free of European duties and the full focus is available on league games. Latest departments of last season top scorer Nicholson(3/0) and Dobrovoljc(4/0) are replaced with the new arrivals and Domzale should remain amongst the top 3 Slovenian teams, despite current poor results. The club is doing a good job with creating a lot of quality attacking players with coach Sinisa Rozman and will shortly find way back to the triumphs.


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