Domzale vs Maribor HALF LOST 1:1

PICK: Maribor -0.25 1.92 Pinnacle

Domzale vs Maribor (Slovenia Prva Liga) 

Domzale is coming after disappointing loss to Gorica 4:1. With that loss they have lost any real chances of competing for the title, atmosphere is very poor in the home camp. Today they will be without defender Dobrovoljc(24/2), midfielders Ibricic(24/8) and Kirm(14/1) while goalkeeper Milic(14/0), defender Sirok(12/1) and attacker Hebaj(12/3) are doubts. Domzale had one day less to rest between games and this could affect fatigue in later stages of the game. Maribor in form of the season with 7 straight wins. Morale at highest and they need to win to keep pushing for the title. Degender Hodzic(6/0) and midfielder Cretu(5/0) are still out injured.


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