Defensor Sporting vs Bolivar LOST 2:3

PICK: Defensor -1 2 Pinnacle

Defensor Sporting vs Bolivar (South America Copa Libertadores Qualification) 

Second leg. Defensor won in Bolivia, 4:2. It was surprisingly high result but only because we all know how hard is to play on 3k meters. Bolivar (as well as similar teams from Bolivia) is usually weak on the road, especially when they need to travel out of Bolivia. Home team is full for this one while Bolivar has important missings: Attackers Riquelme(3/3, previous season 45/30) and Callejon(3/0, previous season 48/25). Newly signed defender Leanos will not be available for this match too. Defensor won couple of years ago vs Bolivar in Southamerica Cup (3:0) already and should be bigger favorite than odds suggest now. 


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