De Graafschap vs Jong PSV WIN 2:3

PICK: Jong PSV +1 1.89 SBOBET

De Graafschap vs Jong PSV (Netherlands Eerste Divisie) 

De Graafschap has lost last week away at Cambur 2:3. This puts them on 8. place with 2 points less then PSV. Home team will be without suspended defender Niewpoort(19/1) while midfielder Recever(16/2), attackers Den Hurk(18/7) and Overbeek(12/0) are out injured. Jong PSV has lost last week vs. Helmond 1:2 but they had weak squad back then. 9 players have been with senior team on preseason preparations in South America while 2 more players were on International duties, so they were without 11 important players including both goalkeepers. Most of the players have returned to squad since then. A lot of players featured in PSV game against Fluminense (1:1) and played extremely well, they should be motivated to push even more tonight to reach senior team.


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