Balikesirspor vs Elazigspor LOST 3:1

PICK: Elazigspor +1 2 Pinnacle

Balikesirspor vs Elazigspor (Turkey 1.Lig)

Balikesirspor has a transfer embargo which is still valid. Lost four players in the winter: Cevahir(19/1), midfielder Aygoren(9/1), Oguz Y?lmaz(16/1) and Abdulkadir Ozgen(13/1) and will be suffering from squad depth problems since the team consist of 15 healthy first-team players at the moment. Currently safe in the middle of the table. On contrary, guests signed a lot of new players in the winter, some of the proven and experienced players, some of them are ready to debut. Elazigspor has a big challenge to climb up the table, must to show an ambitious approach and has a lot more of depth in the roster comparing to the home team, depleted by the difficulties. 


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