Aldershot v Ebbsfleet LOST 0:0

PICK: Aldershot win 2.07 Pinnacle

Aldershot vs Ebbsfleet (England National League)

Aldershot has not lost in last 5 games and has won 3 out of them. Start of the year with 2 away wins. They are just 4 points behind league leaders Macclesfield and need to keep pushing. Defender Arnold(7/0) is out injured while defender Reynolds(26/1) and attacker Fenelon(22/9) are recovering and both will most likely be fit for this game. Midfielder Mensah(14/4) left the club to join Bristol. Home manager strengthen the team with Robert(Forrest Green), Kinsella(Colchester) and Kabamba(Porstmouth). They had 14 days of rest prior to this game. On the other hand Ebbsfleet has been involved in FA Trophy 3 days ago and this will be their third game in just 7 days. Ebbsfleet will miss injured defender Clark(24/1) and midfielder McQueen(13/2). Ebbsfleet lost to Aldershot at home in the start of the season 0:2.


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